Tele-orthodontics: Tool aid to clinical practice and continuing education

Admin Dental Press

Edition V16N06 | Year 2011 | Editorial What’s new in DInterviewistry | Pages 15 to 21

André Luciano Pasinato Da Costa , Alcion Alves Silva , Cléber Bidegain Pereira

Introduction: Information technology is revolutionizing interpersonal relations. Thisnew context has made possible the pursuit of professions in the health area, a conceptknown as telehealth. The essence of this area is the provision of health information atdistance. In this context, orthodontics as a specialty can not remain oblivious to advances. Objective: This article, through a non-systematic literature review, set out toinvestigate which of the available technologies are likely to be used in the developmentof tele-orthodontics services as tools to aid clinical practice and continuing education.The use of technologies already available in the market can enable tele-orthodonticsservices. Even though this article has analyzed the technical conditions and technologiesrelated to the study object, it tends to the ethical, moral, legal and economicalaspects of this process.

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