Orthodontic treatment as an adjunct to periodontal therapy

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Edition V24N04 | Year 2019 | Editorial BBO Selected Article | Pages 80 to 92

Pedro Marcelo Tondelli

This study discusses the role of orthodontic treatment as an adjunct to the control and treatment of periodontal disease conditions, and describes a clinical case of severe anterior mandibular crowding and periodontal disease followed up for nine years and three months after orthodontic treatment completion. Malocclusion impaired proper dental hygiene, which led to bone loss and development of a periodontal abscess between mandibular canines and lateral incisors. After scaling and root planing, orthodontic treatment was initiated with extraction of the four second premolars, to correct the deficiency detected in cephalometric and model analysis. Treatment objectives were met, and facial and dental esthetics was satisfactory. Adequate periodontal management, hygiene control and tooth movement ensured ideal occlusion and facilitated the control of biofilm.

Malocclusion, Tooth movement, Orthodontics, Periodontitis,

Tondelli PM. Orthodontic treatment as an adjunct to periodontal therapy. Dental Press J Orthod. 2019 July-Aug;24(4):80-92. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1590/2177-6709.24.4.080-092.bbo

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