Prof. Dr. Décio Rodrigues Martins

Admin Dental Press

Edition V18N03 | Year 2013 | Editorial Homage | Pages 5 to 6

Maria Fernanda Martins-ortiz Posso

Goodbye, Dr. Décio. We deeply thank you!
“Perseverance is the key to success, nothing is impossible
for the man impelled by intrepid believes!”
Décio Rodrigues Martins,
in interview for Dental Press (October, 1996).
With a life marked by happiness, delight and accomplishments, Dr. Décio Rodrigues Martins rested after an intrepid journey. He passed away on the 29th of May, after five years of an unceasing battle trying to keep alive a heart that made many others beat fast, in a rhythm of intensity and enthusiasm. Innumerable people in his family, students, colleagues, followers and friends, remain full of gratitude for the intense life this man lived, accomplishing his mission in his “own way” — as in the lyrics of his favorite song.

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