Iatrogenics in Orthodontics and its challenges

Admin Dental Press

Edition V21N05 | Year 2016 | Editorial Special Article | Pages 114 to 125

Gustavo Mattos Barreto , Henrique Oliveira Feitosa

Introduction: Orthodontics has gone through remarkable advances for those who practice it with dignity and clinical quality, such as the unprecedented number of patients treated of some type of iatrogenic problems (post-treatment root resorptions; occlusal plane changes; midline discrepancies, asymmetries, etc). Several questions may raise useful reflections about the constant increase of iatrogenesis. What is causing it? Does it occur when dentists are properly trained? In legal terms, how can dentists accept these patients? How should they be orthodontically treated? What are the most common problems? Objective: This study analyzed and discussed relevant aspects to understand patients with iatrogenic problems and describe a simple and efficient approach to treat complex cases associated with orthodontic iatrogenesis.

Iatrogenesis, Orthodontics, Relapse,

Barreto GM, Feitosa HO. Iatrogenics in Orthodontics and its challenges. Dental Press J Orthod. 2016 Sep-Oct;21(5):114-25. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1590/2176-9451.21.5.114-125.sar

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