Gingival esthetics: An orthodontic and periodontal approach

Admin Dental Press

Edition V17N05 | Year 2012 | Editorial Special Article | Pages 190 to 201

Máyra Reis Seixas , Roberto Amarante Costa-pinto , Telma Martins De Araújo

Introduction: Currently, people?s esthetic requirements and expectations have increased substantially. Therefore, dentists have been seeking ways to provide excellent treatment results which, consequently, increasingly require a well organized transdisciplinary approach. The link between orthodontics and periodontics became evident from the moment professionals began to understand the biology of tooth movement. As regards smile esthetics, however, such cooperation is now essential. Objective: To show clinically how and when orthodontists and periodontists should work jointly to enhance smile esthetics based on the display and harmony of the gingival contour.

Orthodontics, Smile, Esthetics, Periodontics,

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