Changes in occlusal plane through orthognathic surgery

Admin Dental Press

Edition V17N04 | Year 2012 | Editorial Special Article | Pages 160 to 173

Lucas Senhorinho Esteves , Carolina Ávila , Paulo José Medeiros

Introduction:A conventional ortho-surgical treatment, although with good clinical results, does not often achieve the desired functional outcomes. Patients with dentofacial deformities, especially those with increased occlusal planes (OP), are also affected by muscle, joint and breathing functional disorders, as well as facial esthetic involvement. The surgical manipulation of the OP in orthognathic surgery is an alternative to overcome the limitations of conventional treatment. Objective: To report the importance of assessing the occlusal plane during diagnosis, planning and ortho-surgical treatment of patients with facial skeletal deformities and its main advantages. Conclusion:Although both philosophies of ortho-surgical treatment (conventional and by surgical manipulation of the OP) have presented good results, the selective correction of the OP allows a full treatment of these patients, providing better esthetic and functional results.

Occlusal plane, Orthognathic surgery, Ortho-surgical treatment,

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