Orthosurgical treatment of patients in the growth period: At what cost?

Admin Dental Press

Edition V17N01 | Year 2012 | Editorial Special Article | Pages 159 to 177

Jonas Capelli Junior , Rhita Cristina Cunha Almeida

Awaiting growth to end prior to starting orthosurgical treatment is sometimes extremely difficult for patients suffering from severe facial deformities. In cases of substantial skeletal disharmonies surgery may be indicated during active growth phase when the patient is psychosocially, aesthetically and/or functionally compromised. To indicate this therapy, orthodontic criteria, such as mild intramaxillary discrepancy and the possibility of preoperative preparation without major dental repositioning, must be met. A second orthosurgical treatment will probably prove necessary after growth has ended. This treatment should not be considered as routine, but rather as a therapeutic option in carefully selected cases.

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