Criteria for diagnosing and treating anterior open bite with stability

Admin Dental Press

Edition V16N03 | Year 2011 | Editorial Special Article | Pages 136 to 161

Alderico Artese , Stephanie Drummond , Juliana Mendes Do Nascimento , Flavia Artese

Introduction: Anterior open bite is considered a malocclusion that still defies correction, especially in terms of stability. The literature reports numerous studies on the subject but with controversial and conflicting information. Disagreement revolves around the definition of open bite, its etiological factors and available treatments. It is probably due to a lack of consensus over the etiology of anterior open bite that a wide range of treatments has emerged, which may explain the high rate of instability following the treatment of this malocclusion. Objective: Review the concepts of etiology, treatment and stability of anterior open bite and present criteria for diagnosing and treating this malocclusion based on its etiology, and provide examples of treated cases that have remained stable in the long term.

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