Checklist of esthetic features to consider in diagnosing and treating excessive gingival display (gummy smile)

Admin Dental Press

Edition V16N02 | Year 2011 | Editorial Special Article | Pages 131 to 157

Máyra Reis Seixas , Roberto Amarante Costa-pinto , Telma Martins De Araújo

Introduction: Excessive gingival display on smiling is one of the problems that negatively affect smile esthetics and is, in most cases, related to several etiologic factors that act in concert. A systematic evaluation of some aspects of the smile and the position of the lips at rest can facilitate the correct assessment of these patients. Objective: To present a checklist of dentolabial features and illustrate how the use of this record-keeping method during orthodontic diagnosis can help decision making in treating the gummy smile, which usually requires knowledge of orthodontics and other medical and dental specialties.

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