Rapid canine retraction

Admin Dental Press

Edition V16N01 | Year 2011 | Editorial Special Article | Pages 139 to 157

Paulo Renato Carvalho Ribeiro , Sérgio Henrique Casarim Fernandes , Gustavo Saggioro Oliveira

Introduction: Rapid canine retraction through distraction of the periodontal ligament is a tooth movement technique that allows space closure of first premolar extraction space within a period of two to three weeks while providing significant reduction in orthodontic treatment time. Objective: To propose changes in the original surgical technique and in the placement of distractors. Conclusions: Rapid canine retraction is a technique that provides significant reduction in orthodontic treatment time. Changes in the surgical technique provided greater speed and safety in surgery. As a minimum benefit, when positioned palatally, distractors helped to preserve the buccal bone plate and prevented canine proclination.

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