Alveolar corticotomies in orthodontics: Indications and effects on tooth movement

Admin Dental Press

Edition V15N04 | Year 2010 | Editorial Special Article | Pages 144 to 157

Dauro Douglas Oliveira , Bruno Franco De Oliveira , Rodrigo Villamarim Soares

Introduction: The systematic search for increased efficiency in orthodontic treatment is shared by several areas of orthodontics. Performing alveolar corticotomies shortly before the application of orthodontic forces has been suggested as a method to enhance tooth movement and, consequently, orthodontic treatment as a whole. Objective: This article reviews the historical perspective of this therapeutic approach, presents and illustrates with clinical cases its main indications and finally discusses the biological reasons underlying its use.

Alveolar corticotomies, Orthodontic tooth movement, Accelerated orthodontics, Orthodontic treatment,

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