Associated dental anomalies: The orthodontist decoding the genetics which regulates the dental development disturbances

Admin Dental Press

Edition V15N02 | Year 2010 | Editorial Special Article | Pages 138 to 157

Daniela Gamba Garib , Bárbara Maria Alencar , Flávio Vellini Ferreira , Terumi Okada Ozawa

This article aims to approach the diagnosis and orthodontic intervention of the dental anomalies, emphasizing the etiological aspects which define these developmental irregularities. A genetic interrelationship seems to exist determining some dental anomalies, considering the high frequency of associations. The same genetic defect may give rise to different phenotypes, including tooth agenesis, microdontia, ectopias and delayed dental development. The clinical implications of the associated dental anomalies are relevant, since early detection of a single dental anomaly may call the attention of professionals to the possible development of other associated anomalies in the same patient or in the family, allowing timely orthodontic intervention.

Genetics, Dental anomalies, Tooth agenesis, Etiology, Orthodontics,

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