Orthodontic wires: knowledge ensures clinical optimization

Admin Dental Press

Edition V14N06 | Year 2009 | Editorial Special Article | Pages 144 to 157

Cátia Cardoso Abdo Quintão , Ione Helena Vieira Portella Brunharo

The wide range of orthodontic wires available in the market can raise doubts about the best choice for different clinical situations. Thus, knowledge of their mechanical properties can facilitate the choice of wire required to achieve a given orthodontic movement based on the treatment phase. The evolution of wire manufacturing technology and the development of new orthodontic techniques have led to the search for better quality alloys, more biologically effective for the teeth and supporting tissues. This article summarizes the main characteristics of the wires used in orthodontics, their history, mechanical properties and clinical application, according to specific treatment phases.

Orthodontic wires, Mechanical properties, Shape memory effect, Orthodontics,

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