Digital pressure and stress relief: means to avoid pain during removal of orthodontic brackets

Admin Dental Press

Edition V21N04 | Year 2016 | Editorial Orthodontics Highlights | Pages 14 to 16

Matheus Melo Pithon

Pain is a frequent and commonplace feeling reported by patients using braces. The need of inducing inflammation for tooth movement to take place is no secret to anyone. Pain arising from orthodontic appliance activation is important and necessary, but other discomforts during treatment should be avoided for the well-being of our patients. When thinking of other discomforts during therapy with fixed orthodontic appliances, the stage of removing orthodontic brackets comes to our mind. Various are the available techniques and equipment that are intended to minimize it; however, none is effective without side effects. In the search for a simple and effective means to do so, Turkish researchers conducted a clinical study1 in which they compared the discomfort caused during the removal of brackets while pressing the teeth with the finger during removal, asking the patient to bite a rubber, and also suggesting the patient that the procedure would not cause pain (stress relief) (Fig 1). Results showed that digital pressure was more effective than biting the rubber, with respect to pain experience during removal. Additionally, the stress relief method did not differ from any of the other techniques.

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