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Edition V20N03 | Year 2015 | Editorial Orthodontics Highlights | Pages 16 to 17

Matheus Melo Pithon

As an orthodontist, have you ever thought about disinfecting or even sterilizing the brackets provided by manufacturers before bonding them onto your patients’ teeth? This might seem extreme care, typical of compulsive orthodontists obsessed with cleaning; however, would it really be extreme care? With a view to answering this question, Brazilian researchers conducted a study1 to assess microbial contamination of orthodontic brackets of four different commercially available brands, as directly provided in the manufacturer’s packaging. Results revealed that two bracket brands showed microbial contamination in their original packages. The authors highlight the risk patients run when these types of material are used. They also emphasize the need for sterilization of material before they are sold, so as to protect patients’ health. Given that we cannot ensure total absence of microorganisms in orthodontic brackets, each one of us is responsible for providing our patients with free-of-contamination material.

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