Why are mini-implants lost: The value of the implantation technique!

Admin Dental Press

Edition V20N01 | Year 2015 | Editorial Orthodontic Insight | Pages 23 to 29

Fabio Lourenço Romano , Alberto Consolaro

The use of mini-implants have made a major contribution to orthodontic treatment. Demand has aroused scientiic curiosity about implant placement procedures and techniques. However, the reasons for instability have not yet been made totally clear. The aim of this article is to establish a relationship between implant placement technique and mini-implant success rates by means of examining the following hypotheses: 1) Sites of poor alveolar bone and little space between roots lead to inadequate implant placement; 2) Diferent sites require mini-implants of diferent sizes! Implant size should respect alveolar bone diameter; 3) Properly determining mini-implant placement site provides ease for implant placement and contributes to stability; 4) The more precise the lancing procedures, the better the implant placement technique; 5) Self-drilling does not mean higher pressures; 6) Knowing where implant placement should end decreases the risk of complications and mini-implant loss.

Mini-implants, Orthodontic anchorage, Bone screws, Corrective Orthodontics,

Romano FL, Consolaro A. Why are mini-implants lost: The value of the implantation technique! Dental Press J Orthod. 2015 Jan- -Feb;20(1):23-9. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1590/2176-9451.20.1.023-029.oin

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