The clinical meaning of external cervical resorption in maxillary canine: transoperative dental trauma

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Edition V19N06 | Year 2014 | Editorial Orthodontic Insight | Pages 19 to 25

Alberto Consolaro , Mauricio De Almeida Cardoso , Carolina Dornelas C. M. De Almeida , Ingrid Araújo Oliveira Souza4 , Leopoldino Capelloza Filho

External Cervical Resorption in maxillary canines with pulp vitality is frequently associated with dental trauma resulting from surgical procedures carried out to prepare the teeth for further orthodontic traction. Preparation procedures might surgically manipulate the cementoenamel junction or cause luxation of teeth due to applying excessive force or movement tests beyond the tolerance limits of periodontal ligament and cervical tissue structures. Dentin exposure at the cementoenamel junction triggers External Cervical Resorption as a result of inlammation followed by antigen recognition of dentin proteins. External Cervical Resorption is painless, does not induce pulpitis and develops slowly. The lesion is generally associated with and covered by gingival sot tissues which disguise normal clinical aspects, thereby leading to late diagnosis when the process is near pulp threshold. Endodontic treatment is recommended only if surgical procedures are rendered necessary in the pulp space; otherwise, External Cervical Resorption should be treated by conservative means: protecting the dental pulp and restoring function and esthetics of teeth whose pulp will remain in normal conditions. Unfortunately, there is a lack of well-grounded research evincing how oten External Cervical Resorption associated with canines subjected to orthodontic traction occurs.

External Cervical Resorption, Orthodontic traction, Alveolodental luxation, Dental trauma,

Consolaro A, Cardoso MA, Almeida CDCM, Souza
IAO, Capelloza Filho L. The clinical meaning of external cervical resorption in
maxillary canine: transoperative dental trauma. Dental Press J Orthod. 2014 Nov-
-Dec;19(6):19-25. DOI:

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