Occlusal trauma can not be compared to orthodontic movement or Occlusal trauma in orthodontic practice and V-shaped recession

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Edition V17N06 | Year 2012 | Editorial Orthodontic Insight | Pages 5 to 12

Alberto Consolaro

The mechanisms of tissue changes induced by occlusal trauma are in no way comparable to orthodontic movement. In both events the primary cause is of a physical nature, but the forces delivered to dental tissues exhibit completely different characteristics in terms of intensity, duration, direction, distribution, frequency and form of uptake by periodontal tissues. Consequently, the tissue effects induced by occlusal trauma are different from orthodontic movement. It can be argued that occlusal trauma generates a pathological tissue injury in an attempt to adapt to new excessive functional demands. Orthodontic movement, in turn,performs physiological periodontal bone remodeling to change the position of the teeth in a well-planned manner, eventually restoring normalcy.

Occlusal trauma, Occlusion, Gingival recession, Gingiva abfraction, Orthodontics,

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