Orthodontic movement does not induce external cervical resorption (ECR) or Orthodontic movement does not change gingival color and volume, and does not induce gingival inflammation

Admin Dental Press

Edition V16N06 | Year 2011 | Editorial Orthodontic Insight | Pages 22 to 27

Alberto Consolaro , Renata B. Consolaro

This study sought to explain, both anatomically and functionally, how the cervical regionof human teeth is structured and organized in order to address the following questions:1) Why does External Cervical Resorption (ECR) occur in human dentition? 2) Why isthere no ECR in gingivitis and periodontitis? 3) Why ECR can occur after dental traumaand internal bleaching? 4) Why does orthodontic movement not change the gingival colorand volume during treatment? 5) Why does orthodontic movement not induce ECR althoughit is common knowledge that the cervical region can undergo much stress? Theexistence of sequestered antigens in the dentin, the presence of dentin gaps in the cervicalregion of all teeth, the reaction of the junctional epithelium and the gingival distributionof blood vessels may explain why ECR does not occur, nor do gingival color and volumechange when teeth are orthodontically moved.

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