Effect of surface treatments on the adhesive properties of metallic brackets on fluorotic enamel

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Edition V25N4 | Year 2020 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 59 to 67

Mariana Huilcapi, Ana Armas-Vega, Andres Felipe Millan Cardenas, Lucila Cristina Rodrigues Araujo, Jessica Bedoya Ocampo, Matheus Coelho Bandeca, Fabiana Suelen Figuerêdo de Siqueira, Alessandro Loguercio

Objective: To compare the effectiveness of the pretreatment with sandblasting and deproteinization with NaOCl on bond strength (SBS), in situ conversion degree (CD) of brackets in fluorotic enamel, and enamel etching pattern. Methods: A total of 90 non-carious maxillary premolars were used. The teeth were then assigned to six experimental groups according to: enamel surface (sound and fluorotic enamel); surface treatment (Regular etch with 37% phosphoric acid [RE]; 5.2% sodium hypochlorite + phosphoric acid [NaOCl + RE]; sandblasting + phosphoric acid [sandblasting + RE]). After storage in distilled water (37°C/24h), the specimens were tested at 1 mm/min until failure (SBS). Enamel–resin cement interfaces were evaluated for CD using micro-Raman spectroscopy. The enamel-etching pattern was evaluated under a scanning electron microscope. Data from SBS and in situ CD values were analyzed using ANOVA two-away and Tukey test (α=0.05). The enamel etching pattern was evaluated only qualitatively. Results: For sound enamel, RE showed the highest SBS values, when compared to NaOCl + RE and Sandblasting + RE groups (p<0.01). Regarding CD, only NaOCl + RE significantly compromised the mean DC, in comparison with other groups (p=0.002). For fluorotic enamel, the Sandblasting + RE group significantly increased the mean SBS values, in comparison with RE group (p=0.01) and no significant change was observed for CD (p>0.52). Conclusions: The application of NaOCl or sandblasting associated to phosphoric acid improved the SBS of the brackets in fluorotic enamel without compromising the CD of the resin cement, with improving of enamel interprismatic conditioning

Orthodontics. Sodium hypochlorite. Dental fluorosis. Conversion degree.

Huilcapi M, Armas-Vega A, Cardenas AFM, Araujo LCR, Ocampo JB, Bandeca MC, et al. Effect of surface treatments on the adhesive properties of metallic brackets on fluorotic enamel. Dental Press J Orthod. 2020 July-Aug;25(4):59-67.

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