Cephalometric changes. Occlusal changes. Class III malocclusion. Orthodontic treatment

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Edition V25N4 | Year 2020 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 33 to 43

Edoardo Staderini, Romeo Patini, Simonetta Meuli, Andrea Camodeca, Federica Guglielmi, Patrizia Gallenzi

Introduction: Anterior crossbite (AC) is defined as a reverse sagittal relationship between maxillary and mandibular incisors. According to an evidence-based orthodontic triage, the treatment need of AC is indicated if any occlusal interference is forcing the mandible towards a Class III growth pattern. Removable and fixed appliances have been suggested to correct AC. Objective: The present report aims at presenting the benefits of an alternative therapy for the early treatment of anterior crossbite using clear aligners. Methods: Two cases of anterior crossbite corrected using clear aligners in 8-years-old children are presented. Results: In both cases, AC was successfully corrected within 5 months. At the end of the treatment, overjet and overbite were corrected. No major discomfort or speech impairment was noticed by the parents. Conclusions: Due to the perceived shortcomings of alternative approaches, the use of clear aligners for correcting AC in mixed dentition should be considered as a comfortable and well tolerated appliance for young patients.

Orthodontics, interceptive. Malocclusion. Orthodontic appliances, removable

Staderini E, Patini R, Meuli S, Camodeca A, Guglielmi F, Gallenzi P. Indication of clear aligners in the early treatment of anterior crossbite: a case series. Dental Press J Orthod. 2020 July-Aug;25(4):33-43.

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