Dental, skeletal and soft tissue effects of the Distal Jet appliance: A prospective clinical study

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Edition V24N06 | Year 2019 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 56 to 64

Rachelle Simões Reis, José F. C. Henriques, Guilherme Janson, Karina Maria Salvatore Freitas, Wilana Moura.

Objective: This study evaluated the dental, skeletal and soft tissue effects in Class II malocclusion patients treated with Distal Jet appliance, compared to an untreated control group. Methods: 44 patients with Class II malocclusion were divided into two groups: Group 1 (experimental) – 22 patients, mean age of 12.7 years, treated with the Distal Jet appliance for a mean period of 1.2 years; Group 2 (control) – 22 untreated patients, mean age of 12.2 years, followed by a mean period of 1.2 years. Lateral cephalograms were obtained before treatment (T0 ) and at the end of the distalization (T1 ).Independent t test was used to identify intergroup differences. Results: When compared to control group, the Distal Jet produced a significant increase in mandibular plane angle (0.7±2.0o). The maxillary second molars presented distal inclination (6.6±3.8o), distalization (1.1±1.1mm) and extrusion (1.3±2.1mm). The maxillary first molars distalized by 1.2±1.4mm. The maxillary first premolars mesialized by 3.4±1.1mm. The maxillary incisors showed slight labial tipping of 4.3±4.7o and were protruded by 2.4±1.7mm. There were no significant changes in the facial profile. The overjet increased 1.5±1.1mm and overbite had no significant changes. Conclusion: The Distal Jet appliance is effective to distalize the maxillary first molars, but promotes increase in mandibular plane angle, distal inclination, extrusion and distalization of maxillary second molars, mesialization of maxillary first premolars, proclination and protrusion of maxillary incisors, and increase in overjet, when compared to a control group.

Orthodontic appliance. Orthodontics, corrective. Malocclusion, Angle Class II.

Reis RS, Henriques JFC, Janson G, Freitas KMS, Moura W. Dental, skeletal and soft tissue effects of the Distal Jet appliance: A prospective clinical study. Dental Press J Orthod. 2019 Nov-Dec;24(6):56-64.

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