Is the main goal of mastication achieved after orthodontic treatment? A prospective longitudinal study

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Edition V22N03 | Year 2017 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 72 to 78

Gustavo Hauber Gameiro1 , Isabela Brandão Magalhães , Mariana Marcon Szymanski , Annicele Silva Andrade

Objective: To investigate the masticatory and swallowing performances in patients with malocclusions before and after orthodontic treatment, comparing them to an age- and gender-matched control group with normal occlusion. Methods: Twenty-three patients with malocclusions requiring orthodontic treatment were included in this prospective study. One month after appliance removal, seventeen patients completed a follow-up examination and the data were compared with those of a control group with thirty subjects with normal occlusion. Masticatory performance was determined by the median particle size for the Optocal Plus® test food after 15 chewing strokes, and three variables related to swallowing were assessed: a) time and b) number of strokes needed to prepare the test-food for swallowing, and c) median particle size of the crushed particles at the moment of swallowing. Results: At the baseline examination, the malocclusion group had a significantly lower masticatory performance and did not reach the particle size reduction at the moment of swallowing, when compared with the control group. After treatment, the masticatory performance significantly improved in the malocclusion group and the particle size reduction at swallowing reached the same level as in the control group. Conclusions: The present results showed that the correction of malocclusions with fixed appliances can objectively provide positive effects in both mastication and deglutition processes, reinforcing that besides aesthetic reasons, there are also functional indications for orthodontic treatment.

Malocclusion, Masticatory performance, Deglutition,

Gameiro GH, Magalhães IB, Szymanski MM, Andrade AS. Is the main goal of mastication achieved after orthodontic treatment? A prospective longitudinal study. Dental Press J Orthod. 2017 May-June; 22(3):72-8. DOI:

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