Facial height in Japanese-Brazilian descendants with normal occlusion

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Edition V19N05 | Year 2014 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 54 to 66

Fabiano Paiva Vieira , Arnaldo Pinzan , Guilherme Janson , Thais Maria Freire Fernandes , Renata Carvalho Sathler , Rafael Pinelli Henriques

Objective: The aim of this study was to determine the standards of facial height in 30 young (14-year-old) JapaneseBrazilian descendants with normal occlusion, and assess whether sexual dimorphism is evident. Methods: The cephalometric measurements used followed the analyses by Wylie-Johnson, Siriwat-Jarabak, Gebeck, Merrifield and Horn. Results: Results showed dimorphism for total anterior facial height (TAFH), lower anterior facial height (LAFH), anterior facial height (AFH), total posterior facial height (TPFH) and upper posterior facial height (UPFH) measurements. Conclusions: The standards of facial heights in young Japanese-Brazilian descendants with normal occlusion were observed. Sexual dimorphism was identified in five out of thirteen evaluated variables at this age range.

Orthodontics, Ethnic groups, Vertical dimension,

Vieira FP, Pinzan A, Janson G, Fernandes TMF, Sathler
RC, Henriques RP. Facial height in Japanese-Brazilian descendants with normal
occlusion. Dental Press J Orthod. 2014 Sept-Oct;19(5):54-66. DOI: http://

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