The influence of orthodontic fixed appliances on the oral microbiota: A systematic review

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Edition V19N02 | Year 2014 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 46 to 55

Amanda Osório Ayres De Freitas , Mariana Marquezan , Matilde Da Cunha Gonçalves Nojima , Daniela Sales Alviano , Lucianne Cople Maia

Objective: To investigate whether there is scientific evidence to support the hypothesis that the presence of orthodontic fixed appliances influences the oral microbiota. Methods: The search for articles was conducted in PubMed; ISI Web of Knowledge and Ovid databases, including articles published in English until May 17th, 2012. They should report human observational studies presenting the following keywords: “fixed orthodontic appliance” AND “microbiological colonization”; OR “periodontal pathogens”; OR “Streptococcus”; OR “Lactobacillus”; OR “Candida”; OR “Tannerella forsythia”; OR “Treponema denticola”; OR “Fusobacterium nucleatum”; OR “Actimomyces actinomycetemcomitans”; OR “Prevotella intermedia”, OR “Prevotella nigrescens”; OR “Porphyromonas gingivalis”. Articles were previously selected by title and abstract. Articles that met the inclusion criteria were analyzed and classified as having low, moderate or high methodology quality. A new detailed checklist for quality assessment was developed based on the information required for applicable data extraction for reviews. The study design, sample, follow-up period, collection and microbial analysis methods, statistical treatment, results and discussion were assessed. Results: The initial search retrieved 305 articles of which 33 articles were selected by title and abstract. After full-text reading, 8 articles met the inclusion criteria, out of which 4 articles were classified as having low and 4 as moderate methodological quality. The moderate methodological quality studies were included in the systematic review. Conclusions: The literature revealed moderate evidence that the presence of fixed appliances influences the quantity and quality of oral microbiota.

Orthodontic appliances, Periodontics, Attachment sites, Microbiological, Microbiological analysis,

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