Sagittal changes in lower incisors by the use of lingual arch

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Edition V18N03 | Year 2013 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 29 to 34

Helen Carolina Becker Letti , Susana Maria Deon Rizzatto , Luciane Macedo De Menezes , Chalana Sangalli Reale , Eduardo Martinelli De Lima , Fernando Lima Martinelli

Objective: The objective of this study was to evaluate a sagittal variation on the lower incisors with the use of the lingual arch on the transition from mixed to permanent dentition.
Methods: The sample was constituted of 44 Caucasian patients (26 girls and 18 boys), divided in two groups: CG, control group, monitoring the lower arch space with no orthodontic/orthopedic treatment during the rated period (n = 14); EG, experimental group, presenting anterior inferior mild crowding and installation of the lingual arch for space maintenance (n = 30). The position of the lower incisors was analyzed on computerized cephalometric tracings performed at the beginning of the monitoring (T1) and at the and, on the permanent dentition (T2). In order to evaluate the position of the incisors it was used Tweed and Steiner measurements: IMPA, 1.NB and 1-NB. The alterations were analyzed through the “t” test for paired samples, while the differences between the groups were analyzed through the “t” test for independent samples, as for sexual dimorphism.
Results: The values in T2 were greater in relation to T1 for all measurements on EG (IMPA, p = 0.038; 1.NB, p = 0.007 and 1-NB, p < 0.0001). On comparing the differences (T2-T1) between CG and EG, it can be gauged differences significantly superior for measure 1.NB (p = 0.002) and 1-NB(p < 0.0001) on EG. There was no difference significantly statistic between genres. Conclusion: It was concluded that the lower incisors were projected after using the lingual arch to control the space on the transition from mixed dentition to permanent, however, within acceptable standards, not having difference between genres.
Incisor, Orthodontics, Cranial circumference,

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