Influence of treatment with and without extractions on the growth pattern of dolichofacial patients

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Edition V17N06 | Year 2012 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 69 to 75

Vanessa Scherer Porto , José Fernando Castanha Henriques , Guilherme Janson , Marcos Roberto De Freitas , Arnaldo Pinzan

Objective: The objective of this retrospective study was to compare, by means of lateral cephalograms, the facial growth pattern changes due to the treatment with and without extractions of four first premolars in dolichofacial individuals.
Methods: Groups 1 and 2 were constituted of 23 dolichofacial patients each, with Class II malocclusion, division 1 and initial age average of 12.36 and 12.29 years, respectively. Patients from Group 1 were treated without extractions and Group 2 was treated with extraction of the four first premolars, given that both used occipital headgear. Groups were compatibilized according to age, treatment period, gender and malocclusion severity. The t test was applied for intergroups comparison.
Results: Most variables (SN.PP, SN.Ocl and FMA) did not present statistically significant difference between groups.
Conclusion: Although the treatment with extractions tend to reduce the mandibular plane angle (SN.GoGn) and the facial axis (NS.Gn), the analyzed treatment protocols did not affect in a clinically relevant way the facial growth pattern.

Angle Class II malocclusion, Vertical dimension, Tooth extraction,

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