Assessment of changes in smile after rapid maxillary expansion

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Edition V17N05 | Year 2012 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 94 to 101

Ana Paula Morales Cobra De Carvalho , Fernanda Cavicchioli Goldenberg , Fernanda Angelieri , Danilo Furquim Siqueira , Silvana Bommarito , Marco Antonio Scanavini , Lylian Kazumi Kanashiro

Introduction: This study evaluated changes in the smile characteristics of patients with maxillary constriction submitted to rapid maxillary expansion (RME).? Methods: The sample consisted of 81 extraoral photographs of maximum smile of 27 patients with mean age of 10 years, before expansion and 3 and 6 months after fixation of the expanding screw. The photographs were analyzed on the software Cef X 2001, with achievement of the following measurements: Transverse smile area, buccal corridors, exposure of maxillary incisors, gingival exposure of maxillary incisors, smile height, upper and lower lip thickness, smile symmetry and smile arch. Statistical analysis was performed by analysis of variance (ANOVA), at a significance level of 5%.? Results: RME promoted statistically significant increase in the transverse smile dimension and exposure of maxillary central and lateral incisors; maintenance of right and left side smile symmetry and of the lack of parallelism between the curvature of the maxillary incisal edges and lower lip border.? Conclusions: RME was beneficial for the smile esthetics with the increase of the transverse smile dimension and exposure of maxillary central and lateral incisors.

Orthodontics, Smile, Interceptive orthodontics,

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