Photometric analysis applied in determining facial type

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Edition V17N05 | Year 2012 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 71 to 75

Luciana Flaquer Martins , Julio Wilson Vigorito

Introduction: In orthodontics, determining the facial type is a key element in the prescription of a correct diagnosis. In the early days of our specialty, observation and measurement of craniofacial structures were done directly on the face, in photographs or plaster casts. With the development of radiographic methods, cephalometric analysis replaced the direct facial analysis. Seeking to validate the analysis of facial soft tissues, this work compares two different methods used to determining the facial types, the anthropometric and the cephalometric methods. Methods: The sample consisted of sixty-four Brazilian individuals, adults, Caucasian, of both genders, who agreed to participate in this research. All individuals had lateral cephalograms and facial frontal photographs. The facial types were determined by the Vert Index (cephalometric) and the Facial Index (photographs). Results: The agreement analysis (Kappa), made for both types of analysis, found an agreement of 76.5%. Conclusions: We concluded that the Facial Index can be used as an adjunct to orthodontic diagnosis, or as an alternative method for pre-selection of a sample, avoiding that research subjects have to undergo unnecessary tests.

Diagnostic techniques and procedures, Orthodontics, Anthropometry,

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