Impact of brackets on smile esthetics: Laypersons and orthodontists perception

Admin Dental Press

Edition V17N05 | Year 2012 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 64 to 70

Seandra Cordeiro De Oliveira , Rachel D’aurea Furquim , Adilson Luiz Ramos

Objective: This study evaluated the influence of orthodontic appliances on smile esthetics assessed by lay adolescents, lay adults and orthodontists. Methods: A facial photograph of a smiling young woman was used under the following conditions: With metal orthodontic brackets ligated by different elastic ligature colors (green, red and gray), with ceramic bracket brackets (transparent elastic ligature) and without brackets, totaling five 15 x 20 cm pictures. For the photograph assessment, 16 lay adolescents, 16 lay adults and 16 orthodontists were randomly selected. The photographs were randomly arranged in an album, followed by a visual analog scale (VAS) for the scores registration. Scores in both evaluations of each group of evaluators (adolescents, adults and orthodontists) were submitted to error analysis by WILCOXON test and multiple comparison among groups performed by Kruskal ? Wallis at 5% significance. Results: Orthodontists, adults and adolescents agreed in their opinions, although the orthodontists gave lower scores in their assessments. It could be observed that ceramic brackets were more acceptable concerning the smile esthetics, whereas the metal brackets received the lowest scores. Conclusion: Orthodontists, adults and even adolescents seem to prefer esthetic solutions during orthodontic treatment.

Esthetics, Dental, Visual perception, Orthodontic brackets,

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