Capture, analysis and measurement of images of speech and smile dynamics

Admin Dental Press

Edition V17N05 | Year 2012 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 151 to 156

Vera Lúcia Cosendey , Stephanie Drummond , Jonas Capelli Junior

Introduction: Dynamic analysis of smile and speech makes it easier to identify the features that define facial esthetics while allowing researchers to study different variables and observe the effects of aging. Objective: The aim of this study is to present a method for capturing, analyzing and measuring video images to support the study of speech and smile dynamics. Methods: Natural head positioning was standardized with the aid of a head holder (cephalostat). Image acquisition is performed with a video camera attached to a tripod, positioned at a fixed distance of 0.90 m. The subjects are trained to say out loud: “Tia Ema torcia pelo antigo time da Tchecoslováquia” and then to smile. The resulting images are fragmented and yielded four pictures that best represent a resting position, the least exposure of maxillary incisors, the greatest exposure of upper and lower incisors, and a posed smile. A freeware computer program called VIDEOMED was used to carry out measurements. Conclusion: The method presented in this study is an effective resource to record images captured during rest, speech and smile, thereby enabling a better understanding of changes in perioral soft tissues.

Aging, Video recording, Facial expression,

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