Maxillary incisors mesiodistal angulation changes in patients with orthodontically treated anterior superior diastemas

Admin Dental Press

Edition V17N04 | Year 2012 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 65 to 71

Juliana Fernandes De Morais , Marcos Roberto De Freitas , Karina Maria Salvatore De Freitas , Guilherme Janson , Nuria Cabral Castello Branco , Marcelo Zanda

Objective: The aims of this study were to describe the patterns of maxillary incisor angulation in patients with upper interincisive diastemas, to evaluate angulation changes with treatment and posttreatment period, and to assess whether there are association between incisor angulation and interincisive diastema relapse. Methods: The sample comprised 30 Class I or Class II patients with at least one pretreatment anterior diastema of 0.77 mm or greater after eruption of maxillary permanent canines. Data were obtained from panoramic radiographs at pretreatment, posttreatment and at least 2 years post-retention. Results: Incisors presented a mesial tipping tendency after treatment, but only lateral incisors showed significant changes between pre and posttreatment stages. Conclusion: Regarding post-retention period, no changes were found. Finally, no relation was found between diastema relapse and maxillary incisor axial angulation.

Angulation, Diastema, Stability, Panoramic radiograph, Orthodontics,

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