Optimization of orthodontic treatment using the Centrex System to retract anterior teeth

Admin Dental Press

Edition V17N04 | Year 2012 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 29 to 44

José Kleber Soares De Meireles , Weber Ursi

Introduction: In the end of 90?s the adoption of mini-implants as Anchorage allowed a paradigm change influencing even the way of thinking orthodontic mechanics. The overlapping of the specialties of Orthodontics and Implantology started with orthodontic preparations for prosthetic implants insertion, aroused with the use of palatal implants and late with the introduction of mini-implants. The improvement of mini-implants insertion technique with the appearing of self-drilling screws has allowed orthodontists to plan and to place this precious Anchorage piece. Taking into account the versatility of positioning of these screws it was developed a concept that allows the construction of force action lines aiming at optimize the planning and predictability of orthodontic motion. Objective: To present some clinical results treatments conduct using Centrex System of orthodontic treatment, approximating the force line action of resistance center of units to be moved. The traced way to its development, previously treated in this journal, will be detailed for better understanding of its functioning.

Orthodontic anchorage, Dental mini implants, Center of resistance,

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