General dentist orthodontic practice in foreign legal systems

Admin Dental Press

Edition V17N02 | Year 2012 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 62 to 68

Ivan Toshio Maruo , Armando Saga , Maria Da Glória Colucci , Orlando Tanaka , Hiroshi Maruo

Objective: General dentist orthodontic practice is a controversial issue and this paper aims to analyze it comparing foreign laws to Brazilian Legal System. Methods: Regulations and scientific texts concerning orthodontic practice by general dentists, in Portuguese or English language, were sought. Results and Conclusion: Portugal clearly forbids general dentist orthodontic practice; United States of America do not clearly forbid general dentist orthodontic practice, but do regulate and promote campaigns to encourage public to seek specialist service; in Australia and England, corrective orthodontics are offered both by orthodontists and general dentists; it was not possible to evaluate how orthodontic services are provided in Eastern Europe; and the fact that general dentists are forbidden to practice corrective orthodontics in Brazilian Legal System is compatible to other countries policy.

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