Dahlberg formula ? a novel approach for its evaluation

Admin Dental Press

Edition V17N01 | Year 2012 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 115 to 124

Maria Christina De Souza Galvão , João Ricardo Sato , Edvaldo Capobiango Coelho

Introduction: The accurate evaluation of error of measurement (EM) is extremely important as in growth studies as in clinical research, since there are usually quantitatively small changes. In any study it is important to evaluate the EM to validate the results and, consequently, the conclusions. Because of its extreme simplicity, the Dahlberg formula is largely used worldwide, mainly in cephalometric studies. Objectives: (I) To elucidate the formula proposed by Dahlberg in 1940, evaluating it by comparison with linear regression analysis; (II) To propose a simple methodology to analyze the results, which provides statistical elements to assist researchers in obtaining a consistent evaluation of the EM. Methods: We applied linear regression analysis, hypothesis tests on its parameters and a formula involving the standard deviation of error of measurement and the measured values. Results and Conclusion: we introduced an error coefficient, which is a proportion related to the scale of observed values. This provides new parameters to facilitate the evaluation of the impact of random errors in the research final results.

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