Evaluation of level of satisfaction in orthodontic patients considering professional performance

Admin Dental Press

Edition V15N06 | Year 2010 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 172 to 183

Laudia Beleski Carneiro , Ricardo Moresca E Nicolau Eros Petrell

Objective: Considering the increasing professional concern in conquering new patients and maintaining them satisfied with treatment, this study aimed to evaluate the level of satisfaction of patients in orthodontic treatment, considering the orthodontist´s performance. Methods: Sixty questionnaires were filled out by patients in orthodontic treatment with specialists in Orthodontics, from Curitiba. The patients were divided into two groups. Group I consisted of 30 patients which considered themselves unsatisfied and changed orthodontists in the last 12 months. Group II consisted of 30 patients which considered themselves satisfied, and were in treatment with the same professional for at least, 12 months. Results and Conclusion: after statistical analysis, using the chi-square test, it was concluded that the factors statistically associated to patient’s level of satisfaction considering the orthodontist´s performance were: professional degree, professional referral, motivation, technical classification, doctor-patient personal relationship and interaction. For orthodontic treatment evaluation, the factors that determined statistical differences for patients’ level of satisfaction were: the number of simultaneously attended patients and the integration of the patients during the appointments.

Patient satisfaction, Orthodontics, Professional-patient relationship,

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