Factors associated to quality of life of orthodontists graduated from a public university (1993-2016): A mixed-methods approach

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Edition V25N5 | Year 2020 | Editorial Online Article | Pages 23 to 23

Natalia Muñoz-Pino, Anderson E. Tibaná-Guisao, Johnatan D. Cardona-Hincapié, Alejandro Hurtado-Aristizábal, Andrés A. Agudelo-Suárez

Introduction: For dental professionals, including orthodontists, Quality of life (QOL) is a topic of growing concern and could be determined by objective and subjective complex factors. Objective: This study analyzed the factors that influence the QOL of orthodontists graduated between 1993 and 2016 of a public university (Medellín, Colombia). Methods: A mixed-methods study was conducted (cross-sectional survey; 88 participants; 3 focus groups, 21 participants). Quantitative analysis: the research included sociodemographic, labor and health characteristics as independent variables and the WHOQOL-BREF questionnaire as main outcome for QOL. Frequencies were calculated and the association between QOL and independent variables was estimated by bivariate analysis (Chi square tests) and a linear multivariate regression. Qualitative analysis: Narrative content analysis according to thematic categories. Mixed methods: a conceptual framework for QOL using the triangulation was developed. Results: All the scores surpassed 55 points on the 4 domains of WHOQOL-BREF. A lower value was found in the physical dimension (57.1±10.7) and a greater value in the psychological dimension (70.8±8.3). The variables associated positively to QOL were permanent contract, teaching/research activities, monthly income, resting days per week and sex. Factors associated negatively were low social support, mental health and rent housing. Discourses of participants allowed to identify the concept of QOL and the contextual and social determinants and satisfiers. Conclusion: QOL of orthodontists is influenced by sociodemographic, employment, working and health factors. Therefore, QOL is a multidimensional concept that recognizes the political and socio-economic context and personal and professional experiences

Quality of life. Orthodontists. Health surveys. Dental research. Qualitative research.

Muñoz-Pino N, Tibaná-Guisao AE, Cardona-Hincapié JD, Hurtado-Aristizábal A, Agudelo-Suárez AA. Factors associated to quality of life of orthodontists graduated from a public university (1993-2016): A mixed-methods approach. Dental Press J Orthod. 2020 Sept-Oct;25(5):23.e1-12.

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