Interdisciplinary planning as a landmark for treatment: Case report with a 2-years follow-up

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Edition V23N06 | Year 2018 | Editorial Online Article | Pages 41 to 41

Roberto Perasso , Monica Imelio , Renato Alcidi

Case report: young adult woman with esthetic complaints regarding her smile and frontal teeth aspect. At first glance, the problem seemed to be only the shape of the lateral upper incisors and a small diastema between the central incisors. The diagnosis shared between the orthodontist and the prosthetist led us to consider some other important aspects, such as the deep bite, the teeth inclination and the lips support. All these findings led us to consider that the right way to improve the esthetics of the patient’s smile was to plan an orthodontic treatment. This would serve not only for the distribution of the spaces, but mostly it would improve all other problems, before the restoration of the upper lateral teeth with two ceramic veneers. Results: the treatment plan achieved the right distribution of spaces for upper lateral incisors, significant correction of the incisors inclination with important reduction of overbite (OB) and better lip support, upper laterals restorations with ceramic feldspathic veneers, obtaining a good integration with natural teeth satisfying patient complaint. Conclusion: in cases which involve interdisciplinary approach, the fundamental step comes from the beginning, when only an initial diagnosis shared among the team of specialists can define the patient problems from different points of view. In this way, we can better understand the competency fields and plan the right treatment and time sequence.

Conoid upper lateral, Deep bite, Alexander discipline, Feldspathic ceramic veneer, Interdisciplinary treatment,

Perasso R, Imelio M, Alcidi R. Interdisciplinary planning as a landmark for treatment: Case report with a 2-years follow-up. Dental Press J Orthod. 2018 Nov-Dec;23(6):41.e1-12. DOI:

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