In vitro evaluation of force delivered by elastomeric chains

Admin Dental Press

Edition V16N06 | Year 2011 | Editorial Online Article | Pages 36 to 37

Andréa Fonseca Jardim Da Motta , Adriana De Alcantara Cury-saramago , Lincoln Issamu Nojima

Objective: To evaluate and compare, in vitro, the decrease in the forces delivered in three groups of elastomeric chains, produced by the same manufacturer, according to the distance between links (short, medium, long). Methods: The segments of elastomeric chains were stretched and kept activated during the trial using a device developed especially for this purpose, which also allowed force readings. Force degradation was evaluated by measuring force along time and calculating the percentage of force decrease from initial force at each time interval and for each specimen under test. Results and Conclusions: Data were statistically analyzed and results showed that at the different time points after initial readings, force intensity varied within and between groups. Readings of remaining forces at each time moment compared with the initial reference force revealed statistically significant differences in all the comparisons in each group of elastics (short, medium, long). Although the comparisons between forces delivered at each time point revealed statistically significant differences, these differences do not seem to have a clinical significance. The space between links does not seem to be a clinically significant characteristic in force degradation along time.

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