Management of severe Class II malocclusion with sequential removable functional and orthodontic appliances: A case for MOrthRCSEd** examination

Admin Dental Press

Edition V16N05 | Year 2011 | Editorial Online Article | Pages 46 to 47

Marry Ching Fan Li E Ricky Wing Kit Wong

Introduction: Functional appliance is an effective way of treating skeletal Class II malocclusion in children and adolescents. A 12-month stepwise mandibular advancement protocol has been proved to enhance the condylar growth and improve the mandibular prognathism using Herbst appliance. > Objective: The following case report documented a 11 year old Chinese girl with 11 mm overjet treated by a phase I 12-month growth modification therapy using Twin Block appliance with Hyrax palatal expander and high-pull headgear in a stepwise mandibular advancement protocol followed by a phase II preadjusted Edgewise appliance therapy. It is one of the cases submitted for the Membership of Orthodontics Examination of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

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