Demystifying self-ligating brackets

Admin Dental Press

Edition V16N02 | Year 2011 | Editorial Online Article | Pages 50 to 51

Renata Sathler , Renata Gonçalves Silva , Guilherme Janson , Nuria Cabral Castello Branco , Marcelo Zanda

Currently self-ligating brackets have been associated to faster and more efficient treatments, which arouse the curiosity to compare them to the conventional system. Unlike traditional appliances, self-ligating brackets do not require elastomeric or metal ligatures. The literature is abundant in concluding that this feature decreases, ostensibly, the friction resistance during sliding mechanics. Moreover, there are reports on minimizing the need of extractions and maxillary expansion using these accessories. Therefore, the purpose of this literature review was to seek the newest studies about self-ligating brackets currently used in orthodontic treatments, confirming or correcting current speculations.

Orthodontic brackets, Friction, Treatment outcome,

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