Analysis of general dentist orthodontic practice in Brazilian legal system

Admin Dental Press

Edition V14N06 | Year 2009 | Editorial Online Article | Pages 42 to 45

Ivan Toshio Maruo , Maria Da Glória Colucci , Sérgio Vieira , Orlando Tanaka , Elisa Souza Camargo , Hiroshi Maruo

Aim: Due to the conflict, in Brazilian legal system, between legal principle and human person dignity principle in the issue of general dentist orthodontic practice, this paper aimed to analyze laws and courts decisions concerning this matter. Methods: Regulations of orthodontic education and practice were sought in Federal Government and professional organizations. Courts decisions were sought in Brazilian Superior Courts utilizing “Orthodontics”, “orthodontic” and “orthodontist” keywords. Results: Brazilian laws classify Orthodontic Postgraduation as stricto sensu and lato sensu, and each of them have their own specific regulations. National Education Guidelines determine that Dental Graduate Course must only teach preventive Orthodontics. Brazilian courts understand that, in order to practice corrective Orthodontics, Orthodontic Postgraduation Course is necessary. Conclusion: Dentistry Graduate Courses are only able to teach Preventive Orthodontics; only stricto sensu and lato sensu Orthodontic Postgraduate courses are able to teach Corrective Orthodontics; it is unacceptable to understand that law permits that general dentists practice Corrective Orthodontics; and general dentists may only practice Preventive and Interceptative Orthodontics.

Postgraduate course, General dentist, Legality, Human person dignity,

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