An interview with Giorgio Fiorelli

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Edition V23N05 | Year 2018 | Editorial Interview | Pages 24 to 38

Giorgio Fiorelli , Renato Parsekian Martins , Wislei De Oliveira , Maurício Tatsuei Sakima , Gidalti Bueno Linhares

“I am extremely honored and happy to coordinate the interview of one of the greatest names in European Orthodontics: Giorgio Fiorelli. In 2014, I was at a moment in my life that I like to describe as a professional limbo, and, without motivation to continue in Orthodontics, was considering “getting out” and trying a new career out of Brazil. Destiny, though, brought me the opportunity to meet Dr. Giorgio Fiorelli and Dr. Birte Melsen during the Orthodontic Biomechanics Summer School, which happened in a place in the Italian coast, in the Toscana region. Those were intense 35 days of pure Orthodontics, many calculations, many classes, eight hours a day of immersion in a world that had so far been little explored by me: Orthodontic Biomechanics. Spending time for so many days with Dr. Giorgio Fiorelli rekindled my passion for Orthodontics and showed me, once again, why I had chosen Orthodontics as my professional area. Giorgio had the opportunity to study in the Aarhus University, in Denmark, and to be a student and later, as a professor, a colleague of Dr. Birte Melsen. Giorgio is passionate about technology and software programming and development, but his greatest passion is Orthodontics. While studying and living close to Giorgio, you can see in his eyes how much in love he is for these areas of study. Therefore, he sought opportunities to bring together his two passions during his professional career. Giorgio Fiorelli developed a digital occlusogram tool and software to analyze tooth movement, and he is the main author of an e-book in Orthodontic Biomechanics, which is updated daily. Author and co-author of innumerable studies in the area of Orthodontic Biomechanics, he currently carries on research on mandibular repositioning prior to orthodontic treatment. A polyglot, Giorgio speaks English, Italian, German and French fluently and likes to play the guitar in his free time, but he confessed that currently the few hours away from Orthodontics are “spent” with his wife and children. I hope this interview rekindles the flame of love for good Orthodontics in all our readers. I thank Dental Press Journal of Orthodontics for the opportunity to coordinate an interview in this publication, one of the main journals of Orthodontics in the world. Enjoy your reading!”

Gidalti Bueno Linhares (interview coordinator)

Fiorelli G, Martins RP, Oliveira W, Sakima MT, Linhares GB. An interview with Giorgio Fiorelli. Dental Press J Orthod. 2018 Sept-Oct;23(5):24-38. DOI:

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