An interview with Simonas Grybauskas

Admin Dental Press

Edition V23N04 | Year 2018 | Editorial Interview | Pages 14 to 35

Simonas Grybauskas , Lorenz Moser , Lucas Esteves , Octávio Cintra , Ute Schneider-moser

“In the contemporary world of surgery, arts and technology merge. Art is modified by technology, just as technology is made from art and creates new ways of doing art. This fusion takes place positively in several chapters of this world, especially in the one involving the face: the treatment of dentoskeletal deformities through orthognathic surgery. Surely, the one who has all technology and is limited in relation to the arts, will definitely not achieve excellence of results. And it is here that enters Simonas — equipped with Technology (science) and Art (sense). Coming from a new country, Lithuania, which suffered with war, we may consider Simonas a revolutionary of the knowledge of ideal faces. Capable of balancing himself between technology and art, he knows how to read a face very well and has the most appropriate numbers for the three-dimensional movements of the jaws, teeth and soft tissues. Born curious, with a high intellect and provided with a big heart, Simonas is loved all over the world, on the five continents. For those who do not know him yet, may this interview bring some of histhinking and surgical philosophy. Open your wings a lot, Simonas, your flight will be even higher!”
– Lucas Senhorinho Esteves (interview coordinator)

Grybauskas S, Moser L, Esteves L, Cintra O, Schneider-Moser U. An interview with Simonas Grybauskas. Dental Press J Orthod. 2018 July-Aug;23(4):14-35. DOI:

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