An interview with Ewa Czochrowska

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Edition V23N03 | Year 2018 | Editorial Interview | Pages 14 to 23

Ewa Czochrowska , Guilherme Thiesen , Perpétua Freitas , Eduardo Franzotti Sant’anna , Ildeu Andrade Jr

“It gives me great joy to interview this great European orthodontist. When I was starting my postgraduate training in Orthodontics in 2002, I got amazed when I read for the first time about autogenic transplantation of teeth in the anterior region. Although this approach is quite common in Europe, it is not a usual treatment option in Brazil. Later on, I got to know the papers published by Dr. Ewa Czochrowska and realized all the scientific background of this treatment protocol. She finished a postgraduate training in Orthodontics in 1997 at the Oslo University, Norway then worked as a Research Fellow at the Orthodontic Department there until 2002. In 2003 she was awarded a PhD from the Oslo University for a thesis on autotransplantation of teeth. For the publication of this work she received the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics Dewel Orthodontic Award. From 2010 she is working part-time at the Department of Orthodontics, Warsaw Medical University, and has a private orthodontic practice in Warsaw. In 2014 she was awarded a habilitation in medical science from the Warsaw Medical University on her work related to orthodontic treatment of patients with periodontitis and currently maintains a position as associate professor. Her current research is based on the outcome of tooth transplantation, tooth impaction and tooth agenesis and different aspects of interdisciplinary treatment. She has a son who is also a dentist, and her hobbies are trekking in the mountains, arts, jazz and classical music. I hope this interview can therefore bring a new and conservative perspective to treatment plans of very difficult cases we sometimes face in our practices. I must also thank to Dental Press Journal of Orthodontics for the granted honor and privilege to conduct this interview. Now, we may all have a pleasant reading.”
Guilherme Thiesen (interview coordinator)

Czochrowska E, Thiesen G, Freitas P, Sant’Anna EF, Andrade Jr I. An interview with Ewa Czochrowska. Dental Press J Orthod. 2018 May-June;23(3):14-23. DOI:

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