An interview with Chris Chang

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Edition V23N01 | Year 2018 | Editorial Interview | Pages 18 to 21

Chris Chang , Marcio Rodrigues Almeida , Matheus Pithon , Weber Ursi

“Orthodontics has undergone a profound transformation since the skeletal anchorage became part of treatment plans. More specifically, orthodontic mini-implants presented by Kanomi in 1997 allowed us to achieve encouraging results when the anchorage subject is taken into account. Over the last decade, we have seen a revolution in the way we were accustomed to using the mini-screws allocated primarily in inter-radicular areas, that is, between the roots to reinforce anchorage during orthodontic mechanics. The revolution came just as a Taiwanese researcher showed the world how we could use the screws in an absolutely innovative and sophisticated way by installing them in areas previously unknown to most orthodontists: in extra-alveolar regions. Thus, the extra-alveolar mini-implants inserted in the regions of the infrazigomatic crest, mandibular ramus and buccal shelf appeared, allowing free dental movement along the maxillary and mandibular arches, since the screws are in areas outside the line of root action. With great honor I present to you in this interview one of the creators and “father” of this sophisticated system of anchorage using extra-alveolar screws, Dr Chris Chang. He has definitely modified the way we think today in the resolution of orthodontic problems in a rational and simple way, where the phrase “It is easy, believe me!” had never been so true as he presented. Orthodontics will never be the same after the introduction of this type of skeletal anchorage. I received with great satisfaction the mission to coordinate this interview with Prof Chang, which I had the privilege of knowing five years ago with his indispensable help in the elaboration of the first article1 published in Brazil on the subject of screws in buccal shelf to treat skeletal Class III malocclusion. Dr Chris Chang is one of the most expressive names in world Orthodontics, currently dividing his professional time in his private practice (Beethoven) where he attends to his patients and teaches several courses. Personal time he enjoys with his family, his dear wife and his two daughters, and their hobbies, which are golf and classic music. I hope that readers can take advantage of this interview granted to our beloved Dental Press Journal of Orthodontics.”

Marcio Rodrigues de Almeida – interview coordinator

Chang C, Almeida MR, Pithon M, Ursi W. An interview with Chris Chang. Dental Press J Orthod. 2018 Jan-Feb;23(1):18-21. DOI:

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