An interview with Kevin O’Brien

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Edition V22N05 | Year 2017 | Editorial Interview | Pages 18 to 21

Kevin O’brien , Klaus Barretto Lopes , José Augusto Mendes Miguel , Jonathan Sandler , Ki Beom Kim

I was delighted to receive the invitation to coordinate this interview with Kevin O’Brien. My first contact with his work occurred in 2009 when I came across two of his papers that had changed my mind about research. Since then, his thoughts about the scientific evidence available also influenced several people around the world. His surprisingly successful blog had reached a remarkable number of 48,000 reads last June. Having as his main research interests the clinical trials of the care of children with severe dentofacial problems, currently, he divides his professional time among the University, Manchester Academic Health Science Centre, his blog and lectures abroad. He spends his free time with his beloved and supportive family: his kind and sweet wife, Janet, his two daughters Jennifer and Claire, his son Jonathan and his lovely grandchildren, Rory and Lois. Besides his family, Kevin loves football (a passionate Manchester United supporter with his name on one of the chairs of the stadium), likes cooking (makes delicious pizzas), looking after his garden and cycling in Manchester.

My acknowledgments to Professors José Augusto Mendes Miguel, Jonathan Sandler and Ki Beon Kim, who collaborated in the development of this interview.

Klaus Barretto Lopes – interview coordinator

O’Brien K, Lopes KB, Miguel JAM, Sandler J, Kim KB. An interview with Kevin O’Brien. Dental Press J Orthod. 2017 Sept-Oct;22(5):18-21.DOI:

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