An interview with Arno Locks

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Edition V19N05 | Year 2014 | Editorial Interview | Pages 31 to 44

Carla D’agostini Derech , Gerson Luiz Ulema Ribeiro , José Nelson Mucha , Luiz Gonzaga Gandini Jr. Maurício Tatsuei Sakima

I met Arno Locks in the 80s when he was my undergraduate professor. However, he will always be my professor; not only in Orthodontics, but also in ethics and i ght for the causes of Dentistry. He loves what he does. And those who love, also care, listen and get involved. As undergraduate students, we were aware that a forward-thinking professional who devoted special attention to his students was right in front of us. As his colleague, I fondly remember when he invited me to join the orthodontic postgraduate program at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), always encouraging me to express my opinions in a critical and constructive manner. He is always open to discussion! I found these moments in which we are able to express our admiration for a colleague as Prof. Arno very especial, and I have fostered this opportunity with great pleasure. He was born in Braço do Norte, a town located in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina. As a little child, his family moved to the metropolitan area of Florianópolis, in Biguaçu, where he began his career. At er receiving his DDS degree from UFSC in 1973 and setting his own oi ce, Prof. Arno Locks moved to Rio de Janeiro where he entered the postgraduate program in Orthodontics. A few years later, he moved back to Florianópolis as a Master in Orthodontics and professor at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC). As a renowned professor with his own oi ce successfully set in Florianópolis, he went on with his career and entered the PhD program at State University of São Paulo (UNESP) in the city of Araraquara. That was when he got to know the segmented arch technique and mechanics with predetermined force system. In 2004, he faced a new challenge. However, for Prof. Arno, challenge is fuel and he entered the Postdoctoral program at Aarhus University (Denmark) under supervision of Prof Birte Melsen. I am privileged to have a close relationship with such a generous person who is continuously motivated and demonstrates, at his oi ce or university, extensive experience as well as ability to listen and enjoy teaching and learning. His attitude explains his extensive knowledge which he generously shares as a clinician and researcher. At the same time, his political posture toward an ethic, scientii c-based Orthodontics has always been present in his i ght for professional alliance. Brazilian Orthodontics owes great respect to Prof. Arno Locks. We are deeply grateful for the assemblies and meetings during which low-quality mercantilist Orthodontics tried to advance, but came across the strong and decisive voice of someone who is strongly committed to his ideals with courage and love. Thank you very much!

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