An interview with Nigel Harradine

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Edition V19N04 | Year 2014 | Editorial Interview | Pages 30 to 37

Mauricio Accorsi

Dr. Nigel Harradine qualified as a dental surgeon from Guys Hospital, London and also underwent undergraduate medical training, qualifying again from Guys. A medical house physician post followed at Guys and then a year as an intern in London, Ontario before he settled on orthodontics as his chosen specialty and returned to the United Kingdom. A year of full-time general dental practice was followed by the two-year orthodontic course at the Royal Dental Hospital, London and Kingston Hospital, Surrey where he studied under Prof. Bill Houston and Harry Orton the Consultant orthodontist. In 1981, Dr. Nigel went to the Eastman Dental Hospital, initially as a lecturer and then as a senior lecturer in orthodontics. Since 1984 he has been a consultant at Bristol Dental Hospital and School where he is in charge of the undergraduate program and fully involved in the postgraduate teaching. Dr. Nigel has published innumerous papers, related to self-ligating brackets, TADs, orthognathic surgery, functional appliances, including a random prospective trial of the effects of third molar extraction on later incisor crowding. He has also contributed invited chapters to a number of textbooks. With David Birnie, Nigel Harradine has co-presented the annual Excellence in Orthodontics Course since 1987 and has lectured extensively throughout the United Kingdom including multiple presentations to the British Orthodontic Conference and the Consultant Orthodontists Group Symposium, including the Chapman Lecture, the Ballard Memorial Lecture, the Northcroft Lecture and the Webb Johnson Lecture. In total, Nigel has given 390 external invited presentations on the UK. In addition to Excellence in Orthodontics courses overseas, Nigel has delivered invited lectures and courses in Australia, France, Germany, Israel, Mexico, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Serbia, South Africa, Switzerland, The Netherlands and the USA, where he has given six presentations to the Annual Session of the AAO, a two day course at Chapel Hill and keynote presentations to the Pacific Coast Society and in 2010 to the College of Diplomates of the American Board of Orthodontics – a total of 170 presentations. Away from the chairside and the podium, Nigel’s roles have included being the President of the British Dental Association hospitals group, Chairman of the British Orthodontic Society scholarship committee, Chairman of the English Royal College working party on Read Coding, Secretary for seven years of the Royal College Orthodontic Audit working party, Secretary of the British Orthodontic Conference Organizing Committee, Chairman of the British Orthodontic Society Computer Users Group and a member of the British Orthodontic Society Council. He is a past Chairman of the Consultant Orthodontists Group of the BOS and a previous Clinical Director of Bristol Dental Hospital. Nigel was the initiator and inaugural chairman of the British Orthodontic Society Foundation which supports research and teaching in Orthodontics. Dr. Nigel kindly agreed to granted this interview to Dental Press Journal, and very interesting questions were formulated by Dr. Ricardo Moresca, Weber Ursi and Jonh Pobanz and myself. The main issue was SLB systems and we hope you can enjoy the wonderful experience and knowledge from Dr. Nigel Harradine.
Mauricio Accorsi

Harradine N. An interview with Nigel Harradine. Dental Press J Orthod. 2014 July-Aug;19(4):30-7. DOI:

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