An interview with Kazuo Tanne

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Edition V19N01 | Year 2014 | Editorial Interview | Pages 10 to 18

Emanuel Braga Rêgo

Professor Kazuo Tanne has a degree in Dentistry by the University of Osaka where he also received the title of PhD in Orthodontics. From the 1st of July, 1993 to the 31st of March, 2013 he was the head of the Department of Orthodontics and Craniofacial Development Biology at the University of Hiroshima, in Japan. Professor Tanne has been the head of the Japanese Association of Cleft Lip/Palate, and nowadays is the head of the Asian Orthodontic Society which comprises 18 orthodontic societies in the Asia/Pacific area. He has published more than 700 articles and more than 60 books and/or chapters about many different topics. Professor Tanne has conducted interesting researches that focus on temporomandibular disorders, tooth cryopreservation, cleft lip/palate, molecular/cell biology and genetic engineering for bone repair. I am honored to say that I was advised by Professor Tanne during my Doctorate in Orthodontics between 2006 and 2010. During that period, I had the opportunity to fulfill my expectations towards the excellence of education provided by the University of Hiroshima as well as by Professor Tanne who also proved to be a great human being with a noble heart. We have become great friends and fortunately I had the chance to learn much more than Orthodontics. Tanne Sensei, as he is known in Japan, has a deep admiration for Brazil and the Brazilian culture. He has been in Brazil in three occasions, when he made friends in many different locations.
Emanuel Braga Rêgo

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